Winter skin care tips- Get moisturized and nourishing skin during the season.

winter skincare tips

Winter is here!!! Yes, it’s snowing outside and officially your skin going to become dry. So, I’m here to give you all some winter skin care tips so your skin remain smooth, moisturize and hydrated. Whenever any season change or the weather gets rough, the most damage happens to the skin. It gets very dry and dehydrated during the winter season and it is high time to focus on winter skin care. Or you will have dry skin in winter, your skin will be damaged and it will be tough to repair it. So here are my top winter skincare tips to get moisturize and nourishing skin during the winter season.

Cleanser: clenser - winter skin care This should be the 1st thing in your winter skin care routine that you should follow regularly in the winter season. Switch your foaming cleanser to a super mild creamy one. It helps to prevent dryness and control your PH level and gives softness to your skin. Try to wash twice a day and be super gentle with face. Use fingertips instead of any cloths as during winter season, skin becomes more sensitive.

If your skin gets super dry try this method: This is a very good winter skincare tips for those who gets very dry skin in winter.
Take some cold milk and deep some cotton pads into it. Let the pads soak the milk well. Now gently rub it in your face including eye area and lips. Wash your face with cold water. Including this method in your winter skin care routine and applying this once a week will help to prevent extra dryness from your face or any part of your body.

Face scrub: face scrub- winter skincareFace scrubbing is essential at any season but during winter it is a must have item- well, during winter keep it simple. Try to scrub your face once a week as scrubbing more can be a reason of dryness. Scrubbing once a week will help to slough off dead skin. It also helps to get a smooth skin. But it’s better to use a mild scrub or may be a homemade one will be the best for winter skin care.

Toning for extra hydration:toner- winter skin care Some people may think it’s not necessary, but for me toning is as important as any other steps in my winter skincare routine. A mild moisturizing toner after cleansing helps to get back your PH level into normal instantly. Also using toner gives a very fresh look and it helps to hydrate your face throughout the day. Toner helps to tighten the skin and shrink and make pores less visible. Here is a simple and easy winter skincare tips for extra dry skin- keep a toner inside your bag while you are outside at work or school and whenever you feel your skin is dry, spray some on your face. It will help to give an instant hydration and freshness to your skin. So adding toner is a must in your winter skin care list.

Moisturizer: body scrub- winter skin careIt should be a uniform to everyone. Make a habit of using moisturizer throughout the year and especially in your winter skin care routine. Here is a good winter skin care tips for you-Apply moisturizer minimum three times a day. During winter try to use a thick and oil based moisturizer and gently pat it to your skin. It will give you extra hydration. After washing and toning, put moisturizer immediately on your face. You can also use oil as moisturizer. Or if you need more coverage, add serum or oil into your moisturizer. After applying, give some time to absorb it to your skin.

If your skin is super dry use this method: Try one of this winter skincare tips if you have dry skin in winter- mix moisturizer and a few drops of oil/serum together and apply it on damp skin. Then wait for some time and normally wipe your face/body with towel. It helps to keep the dampness and the result is minimum dryness or no dryness at all.

Eye- cream: eye cream- winter skin careDuring winter, eye area gets drier as this area is five times less thick compare to any other part of the body. So this area needs extra attention in your winter skin care. If the eye area gets dry, it causes wrinkles and fine line. That’s why eye cream is essential for all the seasons but during winter we have to use it religiously. Eye cream contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients in it that helps to keep moisturize this delicate area. A good winter skin care tips is to apply the eye cream every time you wash your face.

Face/body masks: facemask- winter skin careMasks are fun to use and during winter these are the best way to pamper your skin. So add mask in your winter skin care routine. Use moisturizing masks that nourishes your skin and make it smooth and baby soft. Take this winter skin care tips-Choose mask according to your skin type and apply it at least once a week. If you want a more natural feel to your skin then make homemade masks using of aloe, honey, banana or any ingredient you like. Make a paste and apply it. Or you can squeeze some juice and soak a sheet mask and use it. Use a mask minimum of 20/30 minutes to get better hydration and get rid of dry skin in winter.

Overnight facial masks: overnight facial masksThere are few masks around the market that works over night on your skin. They are also called as overnight facial. It is useful for them who want to boost their moisture to an extra level. You can definitely give it a try if you have dry skin in winter and see if it proves itself useful to you.

Use sun block:sunblock- winter skin care It is as important to use during the winter season as it was during the summer. Yes, it is a must have item for your winter skin care routine. Not using a sunscreen during winter can be the reason of your sunspots, aging, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. So whenever you go outside, apply sunscreen where your skin is visible like face, neck, hands and feet.

Lip exfoliate:lip exfoliator- winter skin care Lips get dry easily during winter and if you pick your lips, it will get dryer and will have black marks and you will lose your pinkish color. So exfoliate your lips during winter and especially when you are wearing those liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks. Gently rub scrubs on your lips and wipe it with a wet tissue.

Lip balm:lip balm- winter skin care Use a lip balm that actually is a balm and made for winter season. Those summer chap sticks are no use when there is a heavy snowfall outside. So pick a heavy lip balm and carry it with you and apply whenever your lips get dry. It will help to keep your lips soft, hydrated and pinky. Also a good winter skin care tips is you can use oil as a lip balm at night for keep your lips moisturize all night.

Body: body scrub- winter skin careHere are some winter skin care tips for the whole body that you should include in your winter skincare routine. Exfoliate once a week and try to apply body lotion every day. Legs and hands get ready dry during winter. So make sure hands and feet are always moisturized. Also before sleep, apply some oil for extra coverage. If your body needs extra smoothness and moisture, this method can help you- Apply some coconut oil in your bathing water. Fill the tub with lukewarm water, add your favorite bathing foam and add some coconut oil in the water. This will help to make skin smooth and moisturize.

These are my ultimate winter skin care tips and tricks for the winter skin care. I hope this tips will help you to get healthy glowing and soft skin this winter and your winter howl will go away. This is a basic skincare. But it may not work for everyone. Also get your products according to your skin type. And if you have other tips to pamper your skin during winter then shares with our readers.

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