The Proper Order- A Step by Step Makeup Application Guide

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Makeup is a substance that used for your beauty to enhance it and make a difference to your look and personality. Applying makeup is an art. It can be complicated sometimes but we all do have our own rules and paths to create a masterpiece on our faces.

Everybody has a different routine for makeup. But today I’m going to give you all a basic guideline for the process for a flawless finish. There are some basic steps for a flawless makeup. So, let’s get ready to rock and roll mates.

Before applying your makeup make sure to clean your face with a good cleanser that suits your skin type. Also wash your hands properly before applying makeup on. You may use a toner after washing your face for a refreshing skin.

Here is the step by step procedure of applying makeup:

Moisturizer: Soft and healthy skin is essential for a good makeup base. This step is non-negotiable. After washing face, pat a moisturizer of your skin type liberally and give a few minutes to absorb the product.


Primer: It helps to prepare your skin for makeup and ensure your foundation and concealer lasts longer. It also controls oil and minimize pores visibility. There are many kinds of primer according to your skin type. Pick the right one and apply gently on face. Now your skin is ready for foundation.


Foundation: Apply foundation in small batches on chin, forehead and cheeks and blend it all over the face. Try to keep it as even as possible for a flawless finish. Choose a foundation that matches your natural skin tone.


Concealer: Dab concealer over the skin areas where you have acne or blemish or uneven skin tone and blend it with finger or a brush. It covers up all the uneven skin and gives you a natural flawless skin. Also apply it on under eyes, forehead are, bridge of the nose, chin to highlight those areas for a even more sharp look.  Choose a slightly brighter shade concealer than your skin tone.


Bronzer: Apply bronzer on your jawline, cheekbones, hairline and nose for a sculpted face. Apply a little by little and blend it towards the hairline. You can choose a matte on for a everyday look and a slightly sparkling one for more of a glam look. Blend lightly to keep a natural and sun kissed look.


Blush: Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks and brush it all the way to the hairline. It will give you a rosy and pleasant glow. You can choose a powder based or a cream based blush. Choose the color according to your look and skin tone.



Highlighter: Highlight the high points of your face like cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead and brow bone to have a light to certain points.  It accentuates those certain areas and gives a sharp look to your face. It attracts more light to certain areas and compliments the whole look.


Eye-brow: Draw your eyebrow with a eyebrow pencil or you can also use a gel brow product or a powder product. Follow the natural line of your brows and blend it well. After that take spoolie and blend it all over the brow evenly. Pick a slightly brighter color than your hair.



Eye- shadow & liner: Give depth to your eyes with eye shadow and the liner. Use at least three shadows for a natural looking eye. Pick a dark crease color, a neutral lid color and a light brow bone color to enhance the look. Blend all the shadows well to avoid a patchy look and apply the eyeliner to your lid all the way to the lashes. Sometimes do a wing line and sprinkle some glitter on the lid for a more dramatic glam look.


Mascara: Use mascara to coat and separate the lashes evenly to give them a thicker, heavy and precise look.


Lipstick: Make your lips more attractive with a coat of lipstick. You can put any lipstick of your choice. Using a lip liner gives a more precise look. Sometimes add some gloss for a fun and glow to your look.


Makeup setting spray: After makeup use a good setting spray to lock everything on the place.

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Makeup is fun. Play around with your products and if you follow those steps above, those can be really useful and can be a full guide to your makeup routine. Use these steps to put makeup on and get a natural flawless look that can add more confidence in you.

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