How to keep your hair healthy- 15 best tips for healthy hair naturally

How to keep your hair healthy

One question that might be asking by every girl to girl at least once in their lifetime- how to keep your hair healthy?  Yes, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by girls. Every woman has the same problem. Either hair fall or split ends or dry frizzy hair. We live in a very busy life where it’s very hard to manage time; specifically for hair care, but it is necessary to take care of your hair. So today I came up with some of the best tips for healthy hair for your busy life.

Natural hair oil:How to keep your hair healthy Everybody might give you the idea about shampoo or conditioner when you ask how to keep your hair healthy but I will suggest going for natural hair oil first. Also I didn’t mention about any artificial oil but a natural one. Natural oil is chemical free, no processed ingredients but full of vitamins and micro-nutrients that comes from plants and fruits or flowers.

Best tips for healthy hair is apply natural hair oil at least twice a week. You can use any oil of your choice. But I prefer organic coconut oil as it has many benefits for hair. Massaging oil penetrates the skin and goes deep and does its work. Also a good hair oil massage boosts blood circulation in the scalp and spread evenly to every roots of each hair and gives nutrition. Hair oil fights hair fall, frizzy hair, split ends and makes your hair thick, strong, smooth and shiny.

Apply oil before shampoo and massage it well and keep it at least for 90minutes. Do not oil your hair if it’s dirty and don’t keep oil more than 24 hours. If your hair is frizzy after shampoo take few drops in your palm and run over the hair. It will prevent frizziness and will give a shiny and smooth look to your hair. This is how to get healthy hair with natural hair oil.

Choose the right shampoo:How to keep your hair healthy Some of us are too afraid to change our shampoo, even some use the same shampoo from the high school. Well now it’s high time to change your shampoo. Through that and get a shampoo that suits your hair most. We often forget to read the label on the shampoo bottle. This is one of the best tips for healthy hair. Read the label and see the ingredients if it’s match your hair the best. Try to choose a keratin shampoo and avoid sulfate contains one as it causes tangling, frizziness and split ends. Invest on a good shampoo can make a lot difference and that can be visible and this is how to keep your hair healthy for sure.

Conditioner:How to keep your hair healthyIf you want to know how to get healthy hair then you heard about the conditioning must. Use a conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner makes your hair silky soft and shiny. Use a tiny amount on the end of the hair where it needs maximum hydration. Keep it on few minutes and wash off the product. Do not use conditioner on the scalp as it will make your scalp greasy and you might face hair fall too. Use a conditioner which is the same brand and same type as your shampoo for better result.

Deep conditioning: How to keep your hair healthyThis is what we avoid the most but it is necessary for your hair. Pamper your hair with deep conditioning and it will behave well and you will see visible result. Deep condition once a week and if it doesn’t match your schedule, at least do bi-weekly.

If you have time try some DIY hair mask that are more beneficial for your hair. Here is a simple DIY mask recipe for you where the ingredients come straight from your kitchen.

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp honey, 2 tbsp mayonnaise.

Process: Add all the ingredients together in a bowl and give it a good mix.

Apply process: Apply the mask evenly on your damp hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash out the product with shampoo & conditioner.

This hair mask can give you smooth, shiny and strong dandruff free hair.

Washing hair: How to keep your hair healthyTry to use cold water to rinse off your shampoo/ conditioner. Hot water helps to open hair’s cuticle and make all the products do their job. Cold water helps to close those cuticles and seal the moisture and hydration to the scalp and make hair smooth and soft. So the best tips for healthy hair is wash your hair with lukewarm water and then rinse off with cold water.

Drying hair: Don’t wrap your hair with towel. Instead of that use an old tee or a piece of silk cloth and wrap your hair. You won’t face any hair loss. Also try to avoid dryer and if possible air dry your hair. But if it’s necessary to use a dryer then use cold or minimal hit and keep the dryer away few inches from your hair. Also after using hot dryer run away cold air for few minutes to avoid any dryness.

Brushing hair:How to keep your hair healthy Use a detangled brush after you shower on your wet hair and brush it carefully from roots to the end. Don’t stress out or pull it hard as it will make your hair fall. Invest some on your combs. Here are few combs that are helpful for your hair.

  • Wide tooth comb for detangle wet hair.
  • Natural bristle brush for smooth hair & scalp stimulation.
  • Rattail comb for parting hair & smooth strands.
  • Teasing brush for adding volume to hair, tease & smooth.
  • Synthetic bristle for smooth, shaped hair.
  • Wooden-bristle brush for scalp stimulation & hair growth.
  • Mixed bristle brush for distribute hair’s natural oils & smooth cuticle.

Hair primer: It may sound odd but hair primer is a must before you iron and do any style with heat if you want to keep your hair healthy and smooth. Use a heat protector before any styling to protect your hair from heat which damage and break the hair most.

Flat ironing:How to keep your hair healthy If your question is how to keep your hair healthy while ironing and styling? The answer is use a silicone flatiron instead of ceramic or metal one. Silicon based irons takes less time and straightens the hair in one pass and hair gets less heat and less heat means less damage and less dryness. This is how to get healthy hair while styling and sleek hair.

Hair spray for shine: How to keep your hair healthyIf your hair looks dry, spray some liquid for a shiny finish. You can use a hair mist or any natural hair product. Also any homemade flower water like homemade rose water can be a good hair mist. It repairs dry damage hair and adds shine and fragrance and give a frizz free shiny hair. You can use a hair serum instead of hair spray.

UV protector: How to keep your hair healthyYour hair needs UV protection like your skin. Ultraviolet ray damages hair and it causes frizziness, split ends and hair break. There are many products in the market for hair that protects hair from UV. If you don’t want to use any chemical product use an umbrella or a hat or scurf and cover your hair. It will protect form direct contact with the sun.

Hydration:How to keep your hair healthy There isn’t any alternative of water for hydration. A healthy hydrated body gives healthy hair. Drink plenty of water to make sure that your hair is hydrated and moisture from inside. Drink 4 liters of water a day. You can add vitamin C for extra flavor and extra hydration.

Proper nutrition: How to keep your hair healthyProper nutrition is the key to healthy hair. So eat healthy and nutritious food to have a better hair growth. Avoid junk food and oil, cut out of curbs and add more food in your plate that contains vitamin C( grapefruit, tomato, papaya, lemon, orange), iron(onion, almond, dates, oysters), potassium( banana, avocado, salmon, beetroots), zinc(egg, liver, lamb, peanut), vitamin A( carrot, sweet potato, red pepper, lettuce) and biotin(walnuts, cabbage, cucumber, raspberries). These foods are very healthy and these are the key to how to keep your hair healthy.

Take supplements: How to keep your hair healthyIf you feel you need some extra nutrition then you can take a supplement. It is a great way of nutrition to your hair that helps to increase hair durability and elasticity. There are various types of supplements n the market. You can also buy a pill form or even a gummy form with flavor. This extra boost is one of the best tips for healthy hair.

Hair cut and chemicals:How to keep your hair healthy Trim your hair every six weeks. If you have tight schedules then try to trim your hair every three months. Try to do some hair treatment that suits your hair best at least once a month to avoid dandruff, fungus and itchiness. Also save your hair from harsh chemicals like chlorine form the pool or acid rain, styling products and hair color. If you want to have thicker, longer and healthy hair limits these chemicals and that’s how to keep your hair healthy.

These tips are one of the best tips for healthy hair. Apply these tips and this is how you can get healthy hair. Hair is a crucial part in the body. Everything seems incomplete without your hair. So, take a good care and by applying the tips above; this is how to keep your hair healthy, shiny and smooth.

If you have more tips share with us in the comment below. Also share this post with your friends & family, like our Facebook page and enjoy healthy, shiny and smooth hair.

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