Christmas Party Makeup Look 2017- Tips & Tricks to Jingle!


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!!! Yes people, it’s officially December and Christmas is knocking at the door. It’s time for the preparation for Christmas look, especially Christmas party makeup. This is one of my most favorite festivals and I get all glam up from head to heels. My Christmas glam never completes without glitters and sexy red lips. Well… Everyone has a different mood for Christmas. So today I will be sharing some tips & tricks and some makeup looks for Christmas party makeup look.

Pamper your skin:

exfoliate your skin

For a jaw dropping look, it’s very important to pamper your skin. If you have a glowing skin, your Christmas party makeup look will be the top notch. Girlsss… get a serious glow and start with the exfoliation. Grab a scrub and exfoliate your whole body. Also, skin gets really dry during the winter season. So, before applying makeup it’s better to put a facemask on, so that your skin looks healthy and hydrated. You can put any mask of your choice and get soft silky skin for your Christmas party makeup look.

Full coverage face:

A full coverage face will be perfect for the Christmas party makeup look. After cleaning your face, put some moisturizer or few drops of facial oil of your choice and pat it on your face. Wait for some time to absolve the product into your skin. Then put a primer on and you can add some liquid illuminator if you are going for a serious glowing face, after all this is the ultimate Christmas party makeup look. Now, your face is all ready for Christmas makeup looks and caked up.


Put a full coverage foundation on according to your skin type and a perfect match to your skin tone and undertone. For a spotless full coverage finish, apply foundation in small batches and blend it properly. This is a good party makeup tips. If you are a heavy glam girl then you can apply another layer and blend it well. You can use a damp beauty blender or your favorite foundation brush that you are comfortable with. After applying foundation, put a pressed powder on. It will make your foundation stay long. If you have oily skin, put a double layer where it gets oily like t zone or under eyes. Now your face is prepared and all caked for the glam of your Christmas party makeup.

If you are a simple makeup girl who loved to show her freckles and wants a simple makeup for party, go for a medium to light coverage foundation. Apply a layer of foundation on your face and blend it with a damp beauty blender. Then lock everything on place with a light weight pressed powder. Now your base is ready for Christmas party makeup look.

Perfect the skin:


To perfect your skin, on top of the foundation apply some concealer on to the certain areas where you want to highlight. It will make your under eye dark circle disappear too. Pick a concealer one or two shade lighter than your foundation and apply it on your under-eye circles, forehead, on the bridge of nose, upper lip area and your chin. Grab a mini beauty blender or a concealer brush to blend it properly. Set your concealer with a pressed or loose powder. This step is very important. If you don’t set your concealer, after few hours it will move away or disappear. So, if you want to slay on your Christmas party makeup follow this party makeup tips.

Christmas glowing cheeks:

Apply these party makeup tips on your cheeks for your Christmas party makeup and make your Christmas makeup looks more glowing and happening.

contour bronze blush


Chisel your cheeks, nose, lips and jaw line by adding some contour for your Christmas makeup looks. It will give you a defined and sharp look. You can choose a cream or powder based contour kit. Using a contour brush will give a more emphasized contour. Also choose your contour shade according to your undertone. Follow these party makeup tips to get a good contoured face. If you have a green vein choose a warm tone, cool tones are for green veins and a mix of green & blue vein should pick a neutral tone. However, you do but contouring is a must for your Christmas party makeup.


After contouring your face, put a bronzer on top of the contourto bronze your face for more glow. Bronzing gives a warm look to your Christmas makeup looks. If you want a simple party look, you can avoid contour and on top of foundation apply bronzer. It will give you a good shade to your certain areas and it is perfect for a simple makeup for party.


A pinkish or cherry or rosy a neutral color blush will make the perfect Christmas cheeks for the meet & greet. Use a blush brush and dust of your cheeks. Here is a good party makeup tips for you all. To make it perfect, before applying blush, smile and put blush on the apple of the cheeks and swipe it through the hair line. To make it more glam, you can pick a shimmery one or put some loose glitters on top of the cheeks. This is also a good party makeup tips for your holiday glam and Christmas party makeup.


highlightPut some highlighter on top of your pinky cheeks and blind everyone with your Christmas glitter makeup. Emphasize the high point of your face where your face gets lighter, put some highlighter. Take a highlighter brush and apply highlighter on the high point of your cheek bones, bridge and tip of your nose, cupids bow and your chin. It will give you a sharp look. To make your highlight more intense, wet your brush or use a setting spray before applying highlighter and put some chunks of glitter on the top.



Eye braw:

On this holiday season, let’s go for a dramatic eyebrow. Line the outer line with an eye brow pencil and fill the inner part with some brow gel or brow powder. As it is a winter festival, pick a slightly deep color than your hair for eye brow hair. Apply a clear braw gel or brow mascara for a long-lasting eye brow. Clean the edges with concealer.



Eyes and lips:

Any of my party look is incomplete without an intense eye look and a fiery red lip. Either bold or neutral or dramatic or festive whatever your mood is on Christmas, I have a look for everyone. Check out the eyes and lips looks below for your Christmas party makeup look.

Gold glittered eyes with fiery lips:

glittery eyes

This is my first choice for the Christmas. This look is so glamorous that you will be the center of the party. After priming your eyes, apply the transition shade. Keep it light for the inner corner and gradually make it dark in the outer v. blend it well. Apply a gold shade from any palette and pack the whole lid with it. At end apply some gold glitter on top and pick a dark matte eyeliner. Highlight the inner corner and the braw bone with a lighter shimmery shade. Tight line with black eye pencil and put some falsies on. Your eye is ready to rock and roll.

Line your lips with a red lip liner and apply any matte or liquid lipsticks and fiery lips. This is going to be my Christmas party makeup look on the Christmas Eve.

Glittered wing liner with nude/ red lips:

Glittered wing linerAfter putting transition color, apply any matte shadow and pack the whole eyelid. Blend it well with a blending brush so that there is no harsh line. Then apply a glitter liner and wing it. Highlight the inner corner and the braw bones with a matte light shade. You can tight line with any matte or shimmery color that matches your shadow and put some natural looking falsies.

Match your lip color according to your eyeliner color. If you are going for a gold liner put a red lipstick on. A nude lip will be perfect for a rose gold glitter and put a burgundy on for a white or green glitter liner. Your Christmas glitter makeup look is ready for the party.

Copper smoky eyes with crimson/ copper lips:

Copper smoky eyes

Apply a dark shade transition color and blend it well. Pick a black shade and apply and blend in the inner and outer part of the eyes. Blend it well. Apply a copper shade on the center and blend it and put some copperish glitters on top. Highlight the braw bone and inner corner with a very light shade. Draw a wing with matte eyeliner. Pack your dramatic lashes with some mascara.

Pick a crimson or copper matte or liquid lipstick and apply it with some lip liner to get a more précised look. You can put a clear shimmery lip gloss on top for more fun to your Christmas party makeup look.

Rose gold eyes with rose lips:

Rose gold eyesPick a pinkish shade for transition color. Then on top of that apply some brownish shade and blend it together. Smoke out the outer V with a mix of pink, brown and black. Apply a rose gold color shade on top and blend it well.  Put some rose gold glitter on top for glitterier look. Apply a lighter silver or white shimmery shadow for inner corner and the braw bone. Wing a black liner and put some super dramatic long hair falsies.

With this intense rose gold eye, nothing can go better than a rose lip. Apply a rose color lipstick and coat a layer of lip gloss on top to have pouty lips on your Christmas party makeup look.

Black smoky eyes with nude/ red lips:

Black smoky eyesPrime and set the whole eyelid. Apply some black eyeliner pencil on the eyelid and blend it well. Then apply some more and blend. Like this you have to build the color. Then start applying the matte black shade on the lid and start blending. Build the color properly. Now pick a deep brown or copper transition shade and blend with the black shadow so there is no harsh line. Apply a silver shimmery shade for the braw bone and inner corner. Put some very dramatic falsies that go perfectly with the look.

With this dramatic black smoky eye, a matte red liquid lipstick will complement the look perfectly. Or you can wear a nude matte lipstick to enhance the eye more.

Thick eye liner with nude lips:

Thick eye linerIf you want a very simple look yet attractive, go for a thick eye liner look. Apply a light transition shade and a very neutral shade for the eyelid. Now draw a dramatic wing eyeliner with a matte gel liner. Apply a matte white shade for highlight the braw bones and inner corner. You can skip the falsies. Few cotes of mascara will go a long way with this eye look.

Apply a nude color matte lipstick and precise the outer line with some concealer and a nude or invisible lip liner.

Cut crease eye and chocolate/ burgundy/ berry lips:

Cut crease eyeMake any matte or shimmery or intense glitter or glitter liner cut crease eye look. It will go perfectly with you Christmas party makeup look.

First apply eye primer and set it with a neutral color. Take a light transition shade and blend it to the crease, then take a deeper shade transition shade and blend it with the lighter shade. Build the color gradually. Now take a concealer brush and cut the crease. Take a pencil brush and smooth the line. Now set the concealer with some powder and apply a contrast color of the crease. Apply a light shade for inner corner and the braw bone. Wing a liner and put some mascara on.

If you want a glittery cut crease then put a glitter eye liner on the cut of the crease. For a glittery lid, take a contrast color glitter than your crease. For a neutral just apply the liner on top of the powder lid. Be free and do your cuts crease eyes look for the Christmas party makeup look.

Apply a burgundy or chocolate or dark chocolate or even a nude color lipstick with this look.

Silver eye makeup with frost lips:

silver eye makeup with frost

(Image Courtesy by TopInspired)

If you want to be the show queen in this winter and blend yourself with the snowflakes then this eye look is for you. Apply a very light transition color on your crease and blend it well. Put a chunk of white and silver glitters and drag it outside of the eye area. Tight line the upper and lower water line with a nude eye liner and put some long white falsies and cote with white mascara on your upper and lower eye lashes. You can draw a thin black eyeliner or can skip it.

Apply a transparent color lip liner and on top of that apply a whitish silver lip liner. Pick a nude color lipstick and apply all over the lips. Now take some intense silver or gold or bluish highlighter and polish all over the lips. It will give an icy look to your lips.

Match your eyes with Christmas:

Here are some eye looks that will blend with the Christmas color.

Do a dramatic eye with some red and green shades with a hint of gold cut crease and long dramatic eye lashes. Or if you are a candy cane lover, you can play with the candy cane eyeliner or white eyeliner with a snowman on top to match with your back-ground view. And don’t forget to shower some snowflakes on top of your lids. There are some funky Christmas looks that can grab everyone’s attention in the party.

Glittery lip:

This Christmas you can get glam with a glittery lip by putting some glittery lip glosses on.

Seal the deal:

We are done with the entire Christmas party makeup look. Now it’s time for the setting spray to seal everything on place and to get a long-lasting makeup at party.

So, ladies…. Here we are done with the looks. Feel free to create any makeup looks and be the center of the party. Get glow and have fun. There are no rules; so, break everything and get yourself a fully glam Christmas party makeup look. Wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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