8 Eye Looks to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Christmas is over and also the year of 2017. Everyone is very happy and excited about the New Year’s Eve. There are going to be parties everywhere and if you are not planning to stay at home on New Year’s Eve then check out these eye looks. These are so intense that you can rock at any party or can celebrate a cozy date with your loved ones.

Glittery pink eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookThis is a very festive look and you can match with any party. You can wear it on a family dinner, or clubbing or even a date night. This is a very soft and glam look and definitely can be your New Year’s Eve party look.

Brown smokey eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookHonestly to me this is a universal look. This brown smokey eye look is something that you can wear at any season, any holidays or parties. This is a very intense yet soft and gives a sexy look and perfect for your new years eve.

Soft pink & blue eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookIf you want to create a cute and elegant look, then this look is perfect for you. With a baby pink pastel lid, you can go with a blue or purple under eye and some shimmers on the inner corner to make the eye pop a bit. To make it more elegant, put some falsies on and you are ready to rock and roll on New Year’s Eve party.

Green smokey eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookAny green will work but a matte green will make this look perfect for the New Year’s Eve party. This is a very mature and gorgeous look to wear with a black or green dress or even a red will go perfectly. Even without any highlighter, this look is very pretty to wear.

Black smokey eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookWell here comes the every one’s favorite look; the black smokey eye look. Any party is incomplete if there is not at least 10/15 black smokey eyes…:D. With a pretty little dress or a maxi dress or a suit any dress will be perfect with a black smokey eye look. You can totally slay with this look on New Year’s Eve.

Purple smokey eyes: New Year’s Eve eye lookPurple itself is a very gorgeous and party hot color to wear. A purple smokey eye will be perfect for upcoming New Year’s Eve. Get those purple vibes in your look and rock this festive season.

Wing liner: New Year’s Eve eye lookFrom a basic girl to a glam goddess, wing liner is adored by all. Any festive look is incomplete without wing liner. With shadows or a nude lid, wing liner can be the perfect eye catchy look and party attention. So, girls let your eyes do all the talking with wing liner and make the sky be the limit.

Sparkly lid: New Year’s Eve eye lookPop some glitters on top of your eye lid and make your eyes sparkly and festive on this New Year’s Eve.

Girls choose your look and enjoy your New Year’s Eve with glam and happiness. Wish you all a very happy new year. Like our Facebook page and share this article with friends &family.

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